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Do I have to keep this sample content?
No. This sample content appears because it was selected as an option during the installation process. The information contained in the site is intended to assist new users in learning the system and to help them get started using Mambo immediately. We have inserted the content using a variety of formats and options to help users get some idea of the choices available to them. You may delete any of this content without causing any problems to the site installation.
What is Static Content?
Static Content is simply a content item which is not part of a Section or a Category. Static Content cannot be added to a Blog, a Section or a Category. Static Content is, in other words, an independent, stand alone page. Static Content pages can be created, edited and deleted in the Static Content Manager. In the sample content you have installed with Mambo, the Main Menu choice "The Mambo License" shows an example of a Static Content page.
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